Last Week of NaNoWriMo


It’s the last week of NaNoWriMo and I’ve decided that I’m going to finish on Wednesday. I’m going to enjoy this long Thanksgiving weekend. Because, damn it, I’ve earned it.

On Saturday, I was almost in tears because I was not sure how I was still going to win this thing.

See, it was going fine the first two weeks. I’d missed three days because: life, but I quickly got back on track. I was even writing extra words each day so I could take Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving off. All was right with the world.

Then the third week dawned. Oh Jesus.

Hubby brought home the junkyard dog of colds. Mean, vicious little bugger. Now, my husband barely ever gets sick. If he does, it’s usually something that slows him down for about 24hrs and after that he’s back to normal. This time? He spent two days shivering in the bed. He was better by the third day, but by then the kids and I caught it.

The good news is that it mostly passed by Sunday. The bad news is I didn’t write at all that week. All those extra words didn’t save me. I almost 20 000 words away. And Thanksgiving week was coming up. I hadn’t shopped for Thanksgiving dinner, planned the menu, washed our plague clothes, nothing.

I rationalized. I had a rough month and it was okay if I didn’t ‘win’ NaNo. That I wasn’t any less of a writer if I didn’t finish. That I could still write this novel because outside of November, that’s what other writer’s do. Shoot, Stephen King didn’t have NaNoWriMo when he was writing ‘Carrie’.

And you know what? All those things are true. But not finishing still didn’t sit well with me. Hubby did some calculations and said I could finish if I wrote about 2250 words a day. That was more than doable, with some sacrifices.

The truth though? I was tired. I wanted to be finished. Right now. I had (and still have) things to do. Food to buy and cook. A home to clean. I wanted to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and not have to worry about getting my daily word count in.

But I didn’t want to quit. Can’t have it both ways.

So I challenged myself. If I started on Sunday, I could write 5000 words a day for 3 days and just under 3000 for the fourth day. Then I would be able to cook (because Hubby offered to do that last minute shopping and help me clean. Seriously. I love this dude.) and relax.

And I’m doing it. The past two days have been super hectic but I’ve written over 10, 000 words. It’s involved some early mornings and very little down time. But I haven’t quit.

Just two more days and I’m done. *does happy dance*



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